ANANSI: A Short Story Series Project

One Word. Five Letters.

One Story. Five Pages.

READ CONTENT ARCHIVE:                                                                The Anansi Project | A Short Stories Collection



Over the next year,  the author will attempt to develop, write and publish one fictional short story each week based on a five-letter word not to exceed five pages . While many narratives will be independent of each other, some may expand on existing stories and worlds. These are noted by a similarity in word connotation, word association (“EARTH”, “WATER”, “WINDS” etc.) or an appended notation (i.e. “Part 2”)


For a creative mind, finding a beginning and end to a story can be difficult when given boundless opportunity. Such restrictions focus an author and challenges their talents.

THE NAME ORIGIN (via Wikipedia)

Anansi (/əˈnɑːnsi/ ə-nahn-see) the trickster is a West African god. He often takes the shape of a spider and is considered to be the god of all knowledge of stories. He is also one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore.

The Anansi tales are believed to have originated in the Ashanti people in Ghana. (The word Anansi is Akan and means, simply, spider.) They later spread to otherAkan groups and then to the West IndiesSuriname, and the Netherlands Antilles. On CuraçaoAruba, and Bonaire he is known as Nanzi, and his wife as Shi Maria.


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