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Academic.  Artist.  Author.  Altruist.  Advocate.

Bridging the gap between pop culture and academia, bringing the mainstream to the ivory tower, Antonio Lenyear is a prolific multimedia content figure, producer, writer, director, speaker, and critic of text, audio, and image. Recent third-party contributor credits include:

Speakeasy DC | The Golden Standard of Storytelling 

Elite Daily  | The Voice of Generation Y

Mantality Magazine  | Ideas, Inspiration & Insight For Modern Men

Born and bred in the Washington D.C. metro area, he manages thIS blog “Android In America” while performing, screenwriting, and producing for independent web series and short films. An ambivert enthusiast of every art: cuisine, fashion, architecture, photography, cinema, literature, music, etc. Lover of conversation, adventure, graffiti, timepieces, animals, video-games, technology and travel both foreign and domestic.

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