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Untitled Poem #071314 – The world is a ruthless place where forgiveness is in short supply

The world is a ruthless place where forgiveness is in short supply

One struggles to keep pace

dragging a shameful soul through thick, thorned bramble bush

Over the hills

Down by the water

Where titan weeds grow wild

As their cousins drink from the boggy river

Where unkind kisses of airborne pests roam

Outland thieves do feast on attention


A reprieve only being the gentle spirits of air

The winds that lays us down in the middle of it all

And whisper a lullaby calm

All at once


and Absent


Getting Childish With Gambino: Donald Glover’s New Album Nears Arrival

The Lenyear Project


Childish Gambino | 'because the internet' Cover Art

The Childishness continues. Camp is over but Royalty last forever and His Highness Donald Glover stands ready for a welcomed reign beyond the year “3005”. The soon-to-be ‘ex-Community star’ has embarked on an artistic and entertainment rampage in 2013; setting the stage to capstone the year with release of a new album titled ‘because the internet’.


During a homecoming performance at Penn State, Donald announced the project proclaiming, “I got a new album coming out soon, this is the last time we’re going to be playing a lot of this shit.” The album’s announcement took wings and circulated further around the web after several twitter posts.

'Freaks & Geeks' | Childish Gambino


The rhapsode’s existential lead single “3005” is built on a lilting chorus and charged, behemoth rap bars. All accompanied by a racy, lyric music video illustrating a striptease IM chat with a young woman. Due for release…

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BULLETS, BOOZE & BIRTHDAY CAKE: Memoir of An Underemployed Graduate


He yelled ferociously at the tempered, crackling fire. A piercing roar of rolling thunder caught by occasional chocking sobs. Tearless fits of strain and struggle that stretched each facial line. Every bumbling word fell over the campfire into a slow, deliberate burn.

(…Coming Maybe Never.)