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Getting Childish With Gambino: Donald Glover’s New Album Nears Arrival

The Lenyear Project


Childish Gambino | 'because the internet' Cover Art

The Childishness continues. Camp is over but Royalty last forever and His Highness Donald Glover stands ready for a welcomed reign beyond the year “3005”. The soon-to-be ‘ex-Community star’ has embarked on an artistic and entertainment rampage in 2013; setting the stage to capstone the year with release of a new album titled ‘because the internet’.


During a homecoming performance at Penn State, Donald announced the project proclaiming, “I got a new album coming out soon, this is the last time we’re going to be playing a lot of this shit.” The album’s announcement took wings and circulated further around the web after several twitter posts.

'Freaks & Geeks' | Childish Gambino


The rhapsode’s existential lead single “3005” is built on a lilting chorus and charged, behemoth rap bars. All accompanied by a racy, lyric music video illustrating a striptease IM chat with a young woman. Due for release…

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BULLETS, BOOZE & BIRTHDAY CAKE: Memoir of An Underemployed Graduate


He yelled ferociously at the tempered, crackling fire. A piercing roar of rolling thunder caught by occasional chocking sobs. Tearless fits of strain and struggle that stretched each facial line. Every bumbling word fell over the campfire into a slow, deliberate burn.

(…Coming Maybe Never.)